RCP Tuning provides advanced Commercial Truck, Construction Machine, and Tractor Tuning services for all commercial and agricultural vehicles. Performance for trucks, construction machinery, tractors, and agricultural equipment has to meet professional criteria to continue producing the way the industry requires. Our high-grade diesel tuning services ensure the best possible outcome and performance for your tractor equipment.

Serious improvements in torque and tractability are made possible only through advanced professional tuning. High capacity engines require proper maintenance and specialized tuning to guarantee exceptional performance. Our specialized Diesel Tuning improves drive-ability while decreasing fuel consumption. This combination has the power to transform your equipment and prevent costly repairs or replacements.

Our remaps and tractor tuning are ideal for tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery. We remain flexible because we understand what your needs are, and guarantee exceptional results upon completion. We also take into account that time is money, which is why we offer some of the quickest tuning services available. We never miss a beat in the quality of our Diesel Tuning services. However, our goal is to get machinery up and performing at its peak with speed and precision.

RCP Tuning specialized in electronic Diesel DPF, EGR, DEF, and SCR Repair of many kinds of diesel engines

A managed fuel economy, remapped power, and throttle response makes customers happy and enjoy the smooth driving experience. At RCP Tuning, a team of experienced engineers combines with the latest technology to provide exact peak performance from various kinds of vehicles. The expertise in our workshop tunes your vehicle to deliver the best performance from your engine. Whether you owned a truck or car or any other vehicle, our engineers put the right effort in the right direction that enables exemplary performance. 


So whenever you look to remap your vehicle, a truck, car or bespoke project, call, email, or text RCP Tuning and inquire about an estimate. 




Diesel ECU Tuning Platforms Supported (but not limited to): 

International Maxxforce                              

Detroit Diesel                                   







Mercedes-Benz Sprinter                                                                               

Ford Transit                                       




Industrial Cummins                        





**Extra Power Tuning & Custom Consulting Available**

Mail-In or On-Site in the INW, Coeur d'Alene, ID,  Spokane, WA areas.   Email or Text for prices and info! 

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